What’s so Great about the Sour Cream of Estonia

Chapter 12, Part 3

“Just one unique ingredient. One unique ingredient and we can feel comforted as if we are living in Budapest.” I made the firm notion of remaking a recipe that we always love in the back seat of our previous Alfa Romeo car many years ago. In Tallinn, we can find really good sour cream. It is creamier, and way much creamier than those we can find in Hungary.


Hapukoor is one of the first Estonian words I learned upon arrival. It is more because we found the quality of the sour cream in Estonia so delicious. My husband agreed too. The second to this grade of sour cream is found only in Transylvania when we tried the pork knuckle Csülök at the hotel/restaurant we stayed, and it was prepared and cooked the traditional Transylvanian way.

The mention of Cucumber Salad makes most of our Singaporean friends who had visited us in Estonia very happy. They appreciated its taste, for it being so light and refreshing. This is usually eaten when I will make Breaded (crumbs) Fried Chicken (Hungarian traditional recipe). The cucumber is sliced very thinly with a mandolin. Then sprinkle some salt and let the cucumbers lose a lot of water. Let it sit for about one hour. Next squeeze out all the juice with your hands, rinse and drain well. Mince two cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and combined it. Serve it on a dish and sprinkle with paprika and chill for 2 hours.

Cucumber Salad . Uborka Saláta

Cucumber Salad a.k.a. Uborka Saláta – a Hungarian salad made with fresh cucumber and sour cream best eaten with Marhapörkölt (Hungarian Beef Stew) photo: zannnie

This salad was made together with the Hungarian Beef Stew on 2.8.2014 @ Tallinn, Estonia

Key ingredients: Cucumber, sliced. Vinegar, Water, Garlic (minced), Sour Cream & Paprika (sprinkled).

Hapukoor means Sour Cream, Smetana



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