Doodle, Paint and This Thing About Self-Portrait


This card was made in 2010 with a simple illustration of an adorable giraffe. It was fun making it. That was meant for a little girl of about 11 years old. Looking back on, it has been six years and I remember there are some animals that I love to doodle more than the others.


I’ve also learned to paint when I first move to Europe. It is a technique with very sharp observations and close details made at each stroke of the brush. This horse was rather a watercolor painting done quite spontaneously. Do you like it?

I used to do homemade cards for my classmates birthday when I was in primary school. Most of my friends remembered me for being the skillful girl in crafts. Nowadays, it seems I have stopped making cards and sending them out in snail mails. I have not forgotten the touch it gives. In fact, I am always happy to receive something in my mailbox, or seeing a note to collect a parcel/article from the postal office. The trend begins when my old friend from primary school, HL starts to send us birthday presents for my daughter, sending us Chinese New Year cards and warm thoughts and wishes she has for me. Most of the things she sent are handmade by herself. I remember that she is always reading comics books and when it comes to art classes, she never thought that she is great at it. Now she’s at every single type of crafts: crochet, cards, toys making, earrings, origami, you name it.

I cannot decide if I like crafts more or arts like painting more. I just love to be able to freely or having the freedom to create or make something as and when I feel like it. I cannot describe the joy of it. I still love to make cards and origami.

With the advancement of digitalization and technology, I realized I have transited to create my art and design forms on apps and on my computers. Recently I like interactive designs, with the use of visuals like images, fonts, words, graphics -and animate it, save it in the form of GIFs or video. It was very fun to play with the different filters to create different effects of a different mood to communicate different qualities. Here is a self-portrait:



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