Binge Watching and What Exactly

The very familiar voice of Will Arnett just got me trying hard to recall where I’ve heard them before. BTW, I like his voice (especially when he is speaking French ;)) Toronto-born, he is actually a voice actor for Batman in the film ‘The Lego Movie’.

Thinking deeply.

So this comedy series on Netflix is pretty new as its first episode was aired only in March of 2016.


It is a about this character ‘Chip’ and the setting is in California specifically the Venice Beach. Always very relaxed environment, sunshine, palm trees, them ordering ‘An Arnold Palmer’, drinking takeaway coffees, cycling and beautiful sunsets.
Sunset on Venice Beach

Photo credit: Annie Mole, Venice Beach Sunset

He is a recovering alcoholic with baggage. And speaking about Arnold Palmer, I didn’t know it’s actually a beverage made with iced tea and lemonade and there is an alcoholic version called ‘a John Daly’. It’s funny how it was even named after the golfer and how it became so popular in Palm Springs California. And of course, what’s a good story without a beautiful female lead?

The name of this beautiful young lady is London. She appears to be just a waitress at a local eatery that Chip likes to go. Friendship-wise, Chip has a friend name Dennis whom I saw an interesting episode about his relationship with his mother that is so interesting.

Sobriety, and all eight episodes in the Season One are with one-worded titles. About Westminster, horizon, rose, palms, electric, shell, 7th and sunset. Will Arnett said he wrote mostly about himself. As I was in the midst of the series, I binge-watched it actually, I was following some online reviews which criticised it mainly. I watched it till the end and felt it wasn’t so true. At the end of the last episode on season one, I kind of felt sad that it ended. However, I became very glad to know that through Ellen Degeneres show when Arnett announced in May that there will be a second season coming up 🙂

I mentioned ‘Palms’ that is season 1 episode 4 where they went on a road trip (Dennis, Chip and London) to Palm Springs where Dennis’ mother Jackie appears. There is a lot more humour in this episode and I like that it shows the relationship of a mother and son. Expressing her love and missing for her son with a more creative twist, and the comedic moments while the story shares about Dennis’ childhood.

Do you ever binge-watch? What kind of stories do you like?


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