Umbrella Ladies . People Waiting

Varga Imrea created this statue-group in 1986 with the title “People Waiting” (in Hungarian it is “Várakozók” ) I rather like to call them the ‘Umbrella Ladies’:) And seriously, if you search ‘umbrella’ or ‘Obuda’, you can find images of these ladies surrounded in different colours of flowers depending on the different seasons with information better than ‘people waiting’;) it is this famous somehow.

umbrella ladies - obuda, budapest

So this was found in Óbuda (Old Buda), it is the oldest part of Budapest situated on the right bank of the Danube. The District III. which lies on the ruins of the huge, ancient military camp of Roman legionaries called Acquincum, the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire in continental Europe. Consequently, several amphitheatres and artifacts have been unearthed here. Óbuda was inhabited mostly by german-speaking Swabian farmers. I didn’t see its village-like atmosphere on this day, becos it was totally foggy when I was there. Plus I tried many different angles and perspectives to take all four ladies (it was a very interesting process) but somehow I am not satisfied with the result on the photos.

This photo was featured on Budapest Daily Photo site.…

Speaking about umbrella, there is a taboo in the Chinese culture to give a loved one the umbrella as a gift. It is considered a bad omen. It all started with the delivery of an umbrella which in Chinese ‘送伞’ and this ‘Sòng sǎn’ sounds like ‘Separation’ 散 Sàn.

Light Umbrellas


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