Little Card For a Little Girl


With watercolor, I try to create this birthday card for a little girl’s 4 year old birthday. I just don’t know why I like drawings of the cute versions of giraffe amongst so many animals. I suspected it is the colors. We were invited by my 4-year old first nursery school’s friend to a birthday party. On relations, we as parents are not really so closed to this little girl as it is only 2 weeks, but my daughter will know better. I just felt a card would be a nice gesture as a starting point.

The little blue bird with the little presents are smaller elements to give a little messaging in reference to a birthday. I would like to add some words and I have been thinking just the big number ‘4’ and personalised with the birthday little girl’s name but not the usually ‘happy birthday’ maybe.

I haven’t been making handmade cards for so long. Let’s say about 25 years. Now making this first one makes me feel relax. I will make another one. What animals do you usually like in its cuter versions? 


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