Ryo Deer #card #design #illustration

I named this reindeer Ryo. It is a cute reindeer illustration and I liked that it has very calm colors. How is the mood in your city? Is it turning cold and reminds you that the winter is coming soon? I have started to put on my winter gear as the temperature drops to around 11 deg Celsius these days. My autumn raincoat is not able to keep me warm enough. Though I am only spotted a few days with my autumn boots, I think once it drops again to 7 degrees or less, I will start to wear my boots again.

Besides warmer gears, I am also looking at warm beverages recipes. Usually with the warmth and comfort of my soft shawl around my neck, I love to order a cup of Hot Chocolate and sprinkled some Cinnamon powder 🙂 Some people also like Mulled Wine.

Mulled Wine is a traditional drink drank during winter and the most popular variations around the world is red wine combined with spices such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar. And I really like that it is served warm. The best drink you can have in the outdoors especially at a Christmas Fair.



5 thoughts on “Ryo Deer #card #design #illustration

    1. Wow, Thanks, that’s a surprise!

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      1. You are welcome, looking forward to see your response. I’m having the same problem with a lot of sites. One day when I get some time I should ask WordPress.

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