My First Robot


Today I received my first robot as my Christmas present. It is the Navibot from my husband.


So basically, what it does is to help me clean and remove dust and dirt with its vacuum and main brush functions. It has a slim body though is good enough to clean under our bed (it couldn’t get under the sofa area unfortunately).

I kind of like its visual mapping systems. The proximity sensors are quite good too. At first when I start to use this, I was clueless how it works and how it could help me. I must say I have my initial distrust that it can do a good job.

It has some setbacks too. For example, it cannot handle cables or long strips of ribbons lying on the floor. Including hair!

As I have waist-length hair, and fairly large amount of hair (that I have dropped) were collected in the unit. I have to ply open and even use a scissors to cut (as it has been caught around the circular brush) in order to free the brush and let it continue to do a better job.

It is not impossible to remove, but still I do not think it is the best solution to clean out the entire living apartment. I hope maybe the next turns will be better.

There are several good functions too. As it comes with a Docking Station that is for the robot to charge, it could register and recall where it has done its last point of cleaning before its energy is totally used up. So, with its last amount of energy, it will navigate by itself to the charger docking station. And resume cleaning when it has completed the recharging process.

The next thing I would like to try is to programme the cleaning time, which I haven’t tried out yet. Today, I have clean out the living area, the kitchen area, and our master bedroom. I will have to first remove all the items from the floor area ensuring no cables or small toy parts (like lego ‘Friends’ for 4-6 years old motor skills) is easily vacuumed in. I also hope it can clean out the area under our daughter’s bed.

As a first robot, it is quite a nice first experience. I believe there are still areas to make it a better robot.


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