Spring in Tallinn

Spring in Tallinn is from late April through June. Though swiftly increasing temperatures, averagely from 1°C in April to 15°C in June in the course of the season. Summer kicks off around the last week of June and peak summer can be about 18°C in August to 24°C. Autumn begins in September through November, which has average temperature no higher than 1°C. Snowfall is possible as early as October.

In Ulemiste Shopping Mall, which is the largest mall in Tallinn, there is a Mrs Waffle ‘shop’ that sells Belgian Waffles. I was expecting them to serve a freshly made waffle but no it was made earlier. So the lady just top it with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream and serve it to me. I found the experience of eating there could have been better. There were some nice considerations such as the power point for charging your gadgets on the ‘bar counter’ seats was kind of nice to have. They also serve Illy Coffee.

How’s the spring in your city like? What temperatures and what about the other seasons?



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