6 Sustainable Tips for Art Entrepreneurs


Mango Cupcake (www.deelishrecipes.com)

I have made a whole new batch of cupcakes, this time around with Mango. The frosting here is with whipped cream buttercream. In particular, I love the yellow food coloring on this. It looks very creamy and delicious.

Having been sharing my creations and creative ideas for so many years. I wanted to share my experience in helping creative entrepreneurs in selling their creations. I believe very much in how a creative person can make money (both online and offline too). And this same person may or may not be so skilled at selling their creations and art (work).

There are so many ways to make money as a creative person. Nowadays, there is even a new wave of stay-at-home moms (and dads) coming up with creative ideas. Some artistic people make art, draw, sew, knit, craft, paint and create videos.


Six Ways To Promote Your Art:

  1. Use your portfolio to promote your art
  2. Promote your art with a strong internet presence
  3. Art competition
  4. Build a robust network; Be an active participant in art organizations to build your brand as an artist
  5. Getting active in the community (charity events, local schools, community projects)
  6. Look for Digital Gallery Representation

How can a creative person make money

Start by building your game app, write your book or even your design portfolio. Collaborate with magazines (or digital magazines) for sales. If you are an author or illustrator, syndicate your cartoons, comics or written work to publications for a fee.


Ways to make money as a creative person

Write children’s books, make a digital product, sell original art and products, sell stock design, art, audio, video on stock sites. Use crowdfunding to fund new episodes, upgrades, editions, and iterations of your completed creative works. Make money drawing pictures. Build a newsletter, promote your art in a newsletter and through social media advertising. 3D print your ideas. Set up an online store and use the power of combined promotion to sell more.

Creative money making ideas for stay-at-home moms


Entertain, teach, coach, tutor, mentor, document, give classes or workshops at schools. Develop mastery and build value in your area of expertise.


What about how do people make money with art and earning from art? How to make money drawing online? Art entrepreneurs. I hope by now you get the idea and start to brainstorm some ideas for these questions.


In conclusion, you should start now by using your portfolio to promote your art. Start compiling all your artwork together that gives a ‘WOW’ impact on anyone you show it to. Showcase it. Then share on the social media, promote your art with a strong internet presence. Join and participant in Online Art competition. You should also start building your art network. Try to be an active participant in art organizations to build your brand as an artist. You can do so by getting active in the community such as in charity events, local schools, community projects. Last but not least, do look for Digital Gallery Representation.


About Jodee Lim

Jodee Lim is a content strategist living in Tallinn, Estonia. She’s launching UXSCOOPS to share her experience of over 10 years building successful art entrepreneurs’ online presence and design creative content. Jodee also runs the popular food blog Deelish Recipes, which serves thousands of food enthusiasts each year.

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