Homeschool Kids and Children

What are your views about homeschooling?

Some parents like to compare their kids at all ages. They compare about their development, whether if they are walking yet? Whether if they’re speaking yet etc. I am definitely not this kind of parent. I believe all kids have their own time line to grow and develop at a pace they’re comfortable with. And different families have to homeschool their children for different reasons. One of the good thing about homeschooling in this sense would of course be that such comparisons continuously can be avoided. This also means your child can be himself or herself without these unnecessary pressures. Including peer pressure that you find from classmates in the school.

nihao new series

If you know your kid likes certain interests like dancing, or drawing, you can incorporate the language which you’re homeschooling to these interests. For example, my daughter who is 4 years old, really like the character ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Pocoyo’. I would usually speak to her and tell her stories that is related to Peppa or Pocoyo. She is allowed to watch Youtube videos in both English or Mandarin and I see that she enjoys the songs very much. I would even collect an album on Spotify app that is specially for her. And on roadtrips which is more than 1.5 hours, it became very useful to calm her when she starts to lose patience sitting in the car seat.

I also incorporate one-on-one tutoring to teach and guide her at her learning pace. It is almost like playing together with me. From our sister-in-law, she received a Magnetic Drawing Board on her 3rd birthday and I use it to doodle her favourite characters. Lately I learned to draw Hello Kitty, and even Finn from the Adventures Time. It helps a lot to be with a little illustration skills and she is totally elated seeing the new drawings each time!

I feel it could expose her to much richer experiences if we have a lot more interaction with her. Including the times she goes to the daycare where the nannies and babysitters speak in the local language which both me and my husband do not. Field trips are useful to make learning on a spontaneous level and a natural progression.


If you homeschool your kid(s), what do you teach them? How do you help them? What kind of resources do you provide and where did you get them?



5 thoughts on “Homeschool Kids and Children

  1. I’m really interested in what parents have to say about this. I had a friend that was homeschooled and went on to study at Harvard. I suppose it’s what parents put into their children’s experience and how hard they push their children academically. She also was extremely active in sports, camps, and other activities where she connected with kids her age.

  2. I didn’t go to school until Senior High. 🙂 Though that allowed me to enjoy a totally free African childhood, it did take a bit of adjustment to “enter” school. After the fact I wouldn’t recommend home schooling beyond primary school. There are too many social skills you have to learn AT school, not just knowledge. 🙂

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