Crazy & Mad


Everything is revolving around our state of mind.

Do you agree? If we are crazy enough, or mad enough, we do great things!

One of our most engaging interviews is with Dr. Yatin J Patel who is recognized as one of the leading sleep physicians in the world today. He is a popular sleep speaker and author of three books, including famous book CPAP is Sexy.

The process include my questions to him as follows:

1. When did you start to become a passionate advocate for overall health?

2. Why did you choose to specialize in care for people with sleep disorders?

3. How important do you think is sleep? 

4. Which is one of the most difficult to treat sleep disorders you have ever encounter?

5. How do you share your message of good health globally?

6. What else do you do as a humanitarian and philanthropist?

See how his answers captured so much engagement,


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