Homemade Lasagna Pasta Sheets

What do you know about the Italian comfort food, Lasagne? For me, I know it is very cheesy and can be quite a heavy food. We attended as a family of 3 to an Italian boy’s 5th birthday party in October. It was a transportation theme party but his mother made this infamous Lasagne as one […]

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Burrito vs Fajita vs Taco

  So lately, we have started to eat a lot of tortillas-based food as lunches. The above is the photo of one of the burritos I’ve made. Do you like to eat Mexican food? Basically, I like very much spicy food, so the Mexican spices are quite interesting. At first, when I first make them, […]

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Bison Havanese

I once had a dog. It is a Bison Havanese. I named him ‘Momo’ and he’s a great companion dog. I love him. Unfortunately, when we had to move to Estonia, we have to leave him in Budapest. I have to find him a new family. Which we did. And I must really say it […]

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