Flying with 15 month Old Toddler

Here I wrote about traveling (flying and road tripping) with a toddler


I’ve decided to start this wordpress blog to journal our traveling experiences. Nowadays, we travel with our little toddler of 15 months old quite often. For example, we went with her to Brussels as a first trip to ‘rehearse’ flying with baby. She was only 5 months old on her first flight. Preparations of the trip right from the purchase of ticket with Infant, baggage allowances, baby food, baby travel packing, changing of diaper on flight, slinging baby crossing the security checks to traveling with baby cot what to anticipate. Her second flight was a long haul flight from Budapest to Singapore. We went with Air France so we transited in Paris.  This time, I share my experiences as a solo-traveling mom, baby wearing, booking and using the baby bassinet, long haul flight travel packing for a baby.

I guess the most challenging of all was the returning flight from…

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Spring in Tallinn

Spring in Tallinn is from late April through June. Though swiftly increasing temperatures, averagely from 1°C in April to 15°C in June in the course of the season. Summer kicks off around the last week of June and peak summer can be about 18°C in August to 24°C. Autumn begins in September through November, which has average temperature no higher than 1°C. Snowfall is possible as early as October.

In Ulemiste Shopping Mall, which is the largest mall in Tallinn, there is a Mrs Waffle ‘shop’ that sells Belgian Waffles. I was expecting them to serve a freshly made waffle but no it was made earlier. So the lady just top it with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream and serve it to me. I found the experience of eating there could have been better. There were some nice considerations such as the power point for charging your gadgets on the ‘bar counter’ seats was kind of nice to have. They also serve Illy Coffee.

How’s the spring in your city like? What temperatures and what about the other seasons?


Grand Bazaar Istanbul


One of my favourite place to go is checking out the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  You can easily access the entire area on foot within The Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı). Very interestingly, this bazaar was built in the 15th century. Besides spices, there are a lot of Turkish Coffee Sets, Copperware, Kilim Bags, Evil eyes, Turkish Gift Shops, and Turkish Handcrafts!

It has been crowned the oldest covered market in the world.

Covering an area of 54.653 square meters, it also still ranks as one of the world’s biggest covered markets. So be mentally prepared now before entering this maze of 56 interconnecting vaulted passages, housing over 4.000 shops with persistent shopkeepers eager to use their relentless sales tricks. Istanbul is the city occupied by 3 empires before. From the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, and its unique blend of Christian and Islamic sites. Blue Mosque is where you want to see the Iznik tiles. They are world-famous besides Hagia Sophia. Tour the harem and exhibits of Ottoman Sultans’ home – the Topkapi Palace.

Another must see is the unique Byzantine frescoes of the Kariye Museum, the Ottoman architect Sinan’s masterpiece the Suleymaniye Mosque complex overlooking the Golden Horn and the Genoese Galata Tower with its panoramic views of the whole city.

Tiramisu, My Love


One of our favorite dessert is the Tiramisu. This Italian dessert that is made by layering coffee-soaked Savoiardi, egg yolks and mascarpone cheese is simply wonderful. Mmm…even at the thought of adding amaretto liqueur and cocoa just makes me salivate now. For me, I add a dash of Palinka as a substitute for the liquor. 

Which is your favourite dessert? Which country is it from?

Here’s also where I share more recipes 😉



”Liszt-inspired” Bread Sticks


Do you know who is ‘Liszt’? He is actually a child prodigy. On September 20, 1823, the Liszt family left Vienna for Paris. To support himself and his parents, Liszt gave concerts in Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart and Strasbourg. In Miesich he was regarded as an equal to the boy Mozart.

Franz Liszt (October 22, 1811 – July 31, 1886) was a prolific 19th-century Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger, and Franciscan tertiary.

There is a scuplture of him in Budapest Oktogon area where we used to live. These bread sticks were made as I was actually inspired by him 😉  See his gesture:



Do you like bread sticks?