Six Hours of Waiting

What is your perception of 6 hours of waiting? Six hours was exactly the amount of time, which we took from the time we leave the apartment, to the time we arrived home. We arrived in the morning 1am.

About two weeks ago, we found out that a bacterial infection is spreading in the school. One child in the immediate class group announced that. Among mommies (some knew what to expect from this kind of fever, to those who are completely inexperienced including me) begins to exchange this ‘new knowledge’ about preventive measure and noticeable symptoms and signs.

Being a parent has a list of responsibilities.

Being a mother has naturally a longer list (for some reason since so long time ago).

Scarlet fever for my daughter turns up as a bad sore throat in the morning. This is the first sign, but it was also very obvious with a high fever like 38.1 degrees Celsius. I decided she should stay in and not go to school. At this point I still didn’t think it might be Scarlet fever.

The characteristic rashes didn’t turn up until Day 2.

The strange thing that caught my suspicion was her fever didn’t subside on the second day! It went down to 37.6, then up again 38.8 on the second morning.

It is also the rashes and this fever that didn’t go away. My husband is finally back from Barcelona in the evening, and I quickly jumped out to buy a new bottle of fever medication (as we ran out of it), I consulted the pharmacist and retold the signs of my 6.5 year old, that her fever didn’t subside, and yet there is a coat of rashes.

The first steps to do upon suspecting your child might have got the bacteria is to verify it. We got help from our local friend more information about which children hospital to bring our child to. We went to the one that is about 10 minutes by car.

One great advise that we got is to bring some masks when you go to the children hospitals. First of all, there are different types of active bacterias and viruses, all coming from different age groups of children and babies. Second of all, your child is still not immune to these new bacterias (while you’re getting the confirm diagnoses of your existing ‘contagious disease’.

I think knowing the obvious signs of a Scarlet fever, the first contact receptionist would have to quarantine people who has contracted it. For many levels this is important. In Tallinn children’s hospital, it seems this is not the case. We try on our own, to move to a less crowded waiting area, so that other little ones doesn’t get it ‘unknowingly’.

The second great advise that we got was this mental preparation that its gonna be a long long wait. I was told might be a minimum 4 hours wait. My husband drove us by car when we got there at the parking lot opposite the hospital, there didn’t seemed a big crowd. He was hopeful it might be a ‘not-so-crowded’ Saturday night. But with some reservations, I said ‘we will see’.

Sore Throat Diet

So what to eat for a sore throat? Hedi usually have soft food like homemade ice-cream, joghurt, soups, broths or porridge, fruits (nonacidic: bananas, avocados, raspberries). This ice-cream is made with a 2 ingredient home-made recipe so there is totally no chance of any other food addictive (unlike commercial ice-creams).

She asked for Vanilla ice cream (so the 2 main ingredients are 30% heavy cream, and condensed milk)

So what is the cause of this high fever?
This group A Streptococcus infection is the cause of Scarlet fever.

Signs & Symptoms:

sore throat



swollen lymph nodes


How the bacteria is spread?

-by people coughing/sneezing

-or when a person touches an object that has the bacteria on it and then touches their mouth or nose

Erythrogenic Toxin

This toxin is produced by some types of the bacterium.

Homeschooling Plan

We will have a “14-Day Homeschooling” Challenge

I hope it will be a good cosy time, with more time to bond with my primary schooler. I also wish to add more opportunities for Hedi to learn some beginners’ Chinese.

This week’s home Gadget Feature is the Humidifier

Beurer LB88BLK Dual Action Air Humidifier, 6 Litre, 280 Watt, Black

I will write more about this product in the next post.


Song of The Ice

Have you heard of the ice? yes, ice!

Ice sounds like this. In the youtube, you can listen to it for 1 hour! Amazing right?

It sends chills to my spine actually. How to describe it? It is a little spooky. Combining to watch and listen the visuals, movement at the slow pace is very calming too. It has a therapeutic effect.

After five minutes or so in the video, you can see that the air is so sparkly clear. I mean, very clean and clear. I can experience quite a number of times, especially when it is not foggy at all, sometimes even cloudless, but it is very very cold. The cold can pierce right through as if into your bones.

It makes me want to make some woollen items, by knitting or crocheting. My recent favorite is actually crocheting winter hats. I have this special 1.5hours Beanie pattern, to-date, I have made like 8 beanies of various types of woollen yarns and of various colors.

8, but all of them I have given away! I made some for myself too.

Sometimes I also like to make Neck Warmers. This is because neck-warmers provide great warmth and insulation, at least one time better than a shawl. It provides excellent moisture wicking, a very good fit and feel. Most of all, excellent durability. No rubbing or chafing.

My 6.5 year old is asking me to make her a shawl. I have made her a woollen piece with a deep red yarn. That red is very inviting and warm, something like the poinsettia red.

Do you like to make your own woollen beanies, shawls or neckwarmers too?

Credit Youtuber Jonna Jinton, Artist: “My name is Jonna Jinton, I’m 26 years old live in the woods in the north of Sweden. I practice the art of kulning, which is the name of the ancient Swedish herdingcall. It was used a long time ago to call the herdstock (the cows and goats) and to communicate with other women. Because of it’s very high pitch tones the sound can travel through very far distances and makes very load echoes. To me “kulning” has become a form of art and I love to share my music here on this channel. Besides kulning, I work as an artist, photographer and are running one of the most popular blogs in Sweden. I hope you will like my channel and that you would like to subscribe! :)”


A friend asked me if I missed my husband when he is on his business travels – it was amazing but my answer to her was that I thought about her a lot. Perhaps we have almost the same family settings: with one daughter, and our husbands are overseas (not close yet not so far away).

I also feel our hearts are connected, in a sense when challenges in life comes your way, we feel the same sadness, the same happiness (if it is something to feel happy about), or the same tension. There are some kind of telepathy, this unspoken but common thoughts which we can connect almost in the same moment.

This time of the year is a very dark period with very few sunshine daylight hours. Well, let’s more accurately say it is getting better after January, it gets brighter and earlier sunrise each day as we reach midsummer’s night in 22nd June. But the cold here is strangely more because of its geographic location even to compare with Finland, with Latvia, with Lithuania, and Ukraine.

Different people do different things to cheer herself or himself up. For one thing I like to do is to bake, to cook, to paint, to draw, to doodle (I used to do ceramics in the Old Town of Tallinn), I also love chocolates. Of late, my new found love is 87% Dark chocolate. And I do not consider myself an addict or anything close, I just enjoy having chocolates, a hot beverage, chicken soup, a triple chocolate muffin, or simply a cup or two of coffee.

What are the ways do you use to cheer yourself up in the cold dark winter season or simply when you are feeling down?

Winter Season

It’s either you love it or hate it. No in-between.

winter, snow on branches, trees turning white

Me? I love it. Actually I love it when it is super cold like this, when everywhere is ALL WHITE.

I love it when it is not 0℃ or 1℃, when everywhere is full of melting snow and icy grounds. When making every single step is like roller skating.

I love this place we live now. It is right up on a hill, so it gets very cold when the wind blows.

Easily a pavement that is one step above the roads in the parking place turns icy and became very slippery. Don’t care if there is powdery snow, as soon as you step on it, it is icy and slippery. So that day, my husband fell down 😦

In the early morning, it is only a few steps to the car where we used to park under our apartment. That icy grounds is always the reason why I avoid to go out (even to run errands to buy grocery). We are lucky we have a 24/7 Prisma Hypermarket right in front of our apartment. The other problem other than the constant false fire alarms is that if we need to use the public trams, we need to walk down this ramp that has a slight elevation/slope of about 20 degrees!

Go figure when it is 0℃. When snow melts, this part of the walkway became super slippery.

I have lived in Tallinn for about five years. None of these years I thought about getting these.

And also because of this ‘slipperiness’, I decided to buy myself crampons for my winter boots. I used to own NorthFace winter boots. But last year, my brand loyalty to NorthFace winter boots shifted because they failed me. This deserves another separate posts about winter gears.

I moved to KEEN, which is an American footwear brand.

So, back to the crampons. These new crampons are made in Sweden, approved by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland.

2GO crampons

I got to be honest with you: it looks very ugly the moment I saw it.

I didn’t have any prior experience in using it. Just because the weather forecasted –20℃ this particular day, it got it a little worried. I was just exploring to check it out, and to decide later if I want to really get one pair. When I first saw it, I find it ‘ugly’.

I hesitated for a while whether to buy it.

But considering the independence I can get after putting them on, walking on those slippery snowy or icy grounds, it is really worth it. Beneath these sturdy heel ice grip has a specially designed heel of five spikes of heavy-duty tungsten. It is easy to put on and take off, give optimum grip when walking on snow, ice and in mixed conditions, and it is suitable for most types of shoes. (There is a reflective heel.)

And that slope. The thought of that slope/ramp again in my mind. That ‘ramp’ that leads to the tram stops, is something I cannot avoid. That’s why I bought it finally.

I must really say, these crampons are really really good. I overcame my constant fear of the wintery slippery grounds. And I walk with more confidence in the snow. I even could take videos and photos of the beauty of the surroundings (and nature) when it is a snowy day. So that’s why I seriously recommend anyone who needs to commute or walk quite a fair bit, to invest in a pair of crampons for the winter season.

You might think it is only a few days of the entire winter that is icy and snowy, but here in Estonia, the winter season is so long!

Today, I am also wondering whether ‘Is Gordon Ramsay Vegan?’. This month is #veganuary

Gaz Oakley (Avant-Garde Vegan) is one of the Vegan cookbook author in UK whom I follow. Some of his vegan recipes videos has an effect on my perspectives about vegan food cooking and preparation. I wonder what kind of vegan food do you like? Where do you get your vegan recipes’ and who do you think is the most resourceful in the ‘Vegan World’?


chocolate cake

Have you ever crave for chocolates?

Images like this above reminds me of chocolate very much these days!

I’m not sure its because of the darkness in the winter (we have sunrise at 8:53am, and sunset at 4:10pm), so most of the time it is dark. It’s like about 7 hours of sunshine. And not always the day is bright and sunny. Some days it is grey day, so lots of dark clouds.

I feel comforted eating curry dishes. I am suspecting chocolates comfort me the same way too.

What about you? What kind of foods are your comfort food?

Old Town

Tallinn Old Town taken in one of the winters

I’m not exactly a very old person, but I figured out in my 30s that I love the Old Towns in Europe during my travels.

Those days, I’ve travelled mostly in the Central European countries and mostly cities that are less expensive.

I found there are many interesting ‘hidden gems’. In 2013, it was my first visit to Estonia and we were just in Tallinn for a short few days. My first impressions were:

The Old Town has a very good atmosphere. After living here for about five years now, Old Town is one of the most beautiful parts of Tallinn/Estonia (in my opinion). This is especially in the winter. The Medieval age is a beautiful historical time and era. So much details on their clothings, their shops in the Old Town, the crafts and hobbies in the olden days and in cold northern parts of Europe and so on.

There is one amazing experience we had in the Olde Hansa themed restaurant. First you get seated and be greeted by their actors or actresses who are the serving staffs. They behave (acted) totally like the middle ages in the 5th century times. It is truly a medieval experience as we tried to ask for potatoes dishes in the menu (which looks like an old manuscript), but the waiter replied ‘Sorry we haven’t discover potatoes at this time, the Spanish hasn’t arrived yet’ 🙂 It is very funny, rather fun to realise that in that century, even they use knives (like those you use for cutting the ingredients during food preparation) as cutlery. The forks are especially big because the whole game or large portion of the pork or lamb that you’ve ordered will arrive on the wooden table!

From documented medieval texts, their menus are specially crafted recipes and dishes. We tried several fish dishes and I’ve just ordered a bean soup because the portion is huge!

In the photo, is a cart/stall selling roasted almonds. They smelled really good from far in the cold winter, when they’ve added cinnamon spice to the freshly roasted almonds! Be warned that once you’ve started, it’s hard to resist to stopped eating those ‘hot’ almonds…

Hermitage Museum

One of the best museum experience I ever had was to Hermitage in St. Petersburg Russia.

The Hermitage Winter Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia

I remembered it was 2014, Summertime in end June during the White Nights when we went to this great museum, The Hermitage.

Hedi was merely 2 years old! I got to hold her in the baby wraps and walked the entire 3 hours with her!

Night View of The Hermitage

10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

Jim Kwik: 10 Things that Will Change Your Life Immediately

1. Good brain diet

2. Automatic Negative Thoughts.

3. Exercise

4. Brain nutrition

5. Positive peer group

6. Clean Environment

7. Sleep

8. Brain Protection

9. New Learnings

10. Stress Management

1. Good brain diet (Broccoli, Salmon, eggs, turmeric, green leafy veg., berries) overall: good fats, antioxidants, good protein, low glycemic fruits.

I eat quite a lot of eggs honestly. That’s also why I cannot say I am a vegan.

2. Killing ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts): Your thoughts and self talk DO matter.

I do believe in this, so I can say I do kill ANT’s

3. Exercise: No. 1 function of brain is movement which is stimulating neurogenesis, neuro plasticity and brain derived nootropic factors

I started running. I think I should restart it soon. My movement is more about doing housework, cleaning and going to the grocery store.

4. Brain nutrients: Most important DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina. In physiological literature, it is given the name 22:6. It can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid or obtained directly from maternal milk, fish oil, or algae oil. I supposed for this, salmon fish is my only sauce.

5. Positive peer group: Peers of choice not family.

6. Clean environment: Clean environment -> clean mind

Yes, working on this definitely

7. Sleep:

1. Consolidate short therm memory to long term memory,

2. detoxifying the brain (plaques)

3. dream remembering -> creativity

Point 3 is very interesting, I try to remember my dream from tonight onwards. But time to time, I do try to remember my dreams, speaking of which, last night I do have a very interesting dream, it was about two people I met at my very first work place, they were in my dream, but we are meeting again and the setting is now that we are all married with our own families and of a mature age like 45.

8. Protect brain: Physical protection via helmets in sports… Protecting against EMF

9. New learnings -> two most important factors for neurogenesis and neuro plasticity outside of sleep are: novelty and nutrition

10. Stress management

Share with me: How would you rate yourself on a scale of 0-10?

Jiu Jitsu Comics #art

Our baby is now already 6 and a half years old! She’s no longer a baby but a young bouncing little girl.

My husband and I enrolled her to Jiu-Jitsu, a form of martial arts but sets the foundation with an anti-bullying programme in Tallinn.

Yesterday, she has earned her first belt promotion, from a White Belt to a White-Yellow Belt. This journey of 15-months builds a lot of character like perseverance, consistency and dedication. It comes with a Diploma (see post) from the Gracie University of Jiu Jitsu in Torrace, California USA.

The original founder is Hélio Gracie (October 1, 1913 – January 29, 2009) who was a Brazilian martial artist who, together with his brother Carlos Gracie, founded the martial art of Gracie jiu-jitsu, also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was named Man of the Year in 1997 by the American martial arts publication Black Belt magazine.

In the comic book published above, you can see Hedi’s journey through Jiu Jitsu.

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