Lips . Aquarelle painting

Painting lips has been a challenge in the early time period when I first embark on watercoloring. I especially love this recent lips painted with watercolor, and this special brush 0 is my favorite. It is called the ‘da vinci’ kolinsky sable hair brushes. I really love this as it is excellent for watercolor, gouache & illustration. […]

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Hydrangeas #watercolorflowers

Nowadays, I stopped baking that much. So I took up painting and I started to share my work pieces on my social media channels. This latest is the hydrangea. Well, its my first attempt at hydrangeas. I attended a birthday party a few days ago, and happened so during one of the chats was how […]

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Aquarelle Painting #art

I don’t remember since when I started to love aquarelle, but the first time I started to paint was in 2006. This was also my first time in Europe. I was in Budapest and it was the year when I met my husband. He was the one who taught me how to paint. We painted […]

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Falafel Vegan

We will be savouring these today: falafel! Yes, I like that it is vegan, made with very healthy chickpeas and freshly harvested parsley. In my post today, we explore the different ways to eat falafel. So which is your favourite way to eat Falafel? I remembered a year ago, my very first time making falafel […]

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Pizza With Bio Vegetables

Made with totally BIO ingredients straight from the garden in the backyard, a ‘first’ pizza for my Aunt-in-law and Uncle-in-law to taste at their home. The highlights of this pizza is the green chilli that is super spicy & home-grown by Erzsike’s hubby, Fred. The Scoville scale (a measurement of the pungency (spiciness/heat of pepper) of […]

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30 Smartest People alive

Do you know that there is a chart, that rates the 30 Smartest People alive? Well, there is! I even had the honor to interview her! Yes, SHE! 🙂 It’s interesting because she had acquired her Guinness world record by teaching a record number of 1350 female students to learn the skill of Mind Mapping […]

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Crazy & Mad

Everything is revolving around our state of mind. Do you agree? If we are crazy enough, or mad enough, we do great things! One of our most engaging interviews is with Dr. Yatin J Patel who is recognized as one of the leading sleep physicians in the world today. He is a popular sleep speaker and author […]

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