Oil Painting on Canvas

500 Eur

Oil Painting on Canvas




Education 2030

Skills are the ability and capacity to carry out processes and be able to use one’s knowledge in a responsible way to achieve a goal. They involve mobilising knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to meet complex demands. The OECD Learning Compass 2030 distinguishes between three types of skills: cognitive and metacognitive skills; social and emotional skills; and practical and physical skills.

Source: http://www.oecd.org/education/2030-project/teaching-and-learning/learning/skills/

This trip to Finland, we discover the Finnish Education System and we filmed a Finnish classroom and understand the main goal and perspectives of the Finnish Educational system. The video is coming soon!

Wok To Walk -Best Asian Udon- Tallinn Old Town

For Asian food in Tallinn, we normally like the Udon at Wok To Walk which is a global franchise: present in all 5 continents, N.1 in Europe. It works like this: Firstly choose you your base from the following:

1. Egg noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg). 2. Whole-wheat noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg) 3. Rice noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg). 4. Udon noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg). 5. White rice (with fresh vegetables & egg). 6. Whole grain rice (with fresh vegetables & egg). 7. The Vegetable dish (with broccoli, mushroom, carrot, chinese cabbage, soy bean-sprouts, onion, chive and cabbage with no egg).

Secondly you can choose additional item from the following:

1. Chicken breast 2. Beef filet 3. Bacon 4. Shrimps 5. Pork 6. Duck 7. Smoked Turkey 8. Squid 9. Tofu 10. Pak Choi 11. Shitake Mushrooms 12. Champignon mushrooms 13. Mixed Peppers 14. Cashews 15. Broccoli 16. Spinach 17. Mango 18. Cherry tomatoes 19. Baby corn 20. Bamboo shoots 21. Pineapple

Thirdly you can choose from the following sauces:

1. Tokyo: Teriyaki, sweet soy sauce 2. Bangkok: Yellow curry and coconut 3. Hong Kong: Sweet and sour sauce 4. Beijing: Oyster Sauce 5. Saigon: Garlic and black pepper 6. Shanghai: Black bean and soybean 7. Bali: Peanut sauce 8. Hot Asia: Hot sauce & finally a choice of the following toppings: 1. Peanuts 2. Fried garlic 3. Fried onion 4. Mix sesame seeds 5. Coriander

• —– • H E D I ‘S O R D E R • —– • 04:00 Egg Noodle, Chicken

• —– • M O M ‘S O R D E R • —– • 02:18 Udon, Shrimp

• —– • D A D ‘S O R D E R • —– • 03:33 Udon, Chicken, Fried Onion, Pineapple

M I C R O P H O N E : RØDE VideoMic Me 01:35

We also tested the footage using the RØDE VideoMic Me

• —– • L I N K S • —– •

F A C E B O O K: https://www.facebook.com/learning2060

I N S T A G R A M : https://www.instagram.com/thelearning

M U S I C : https://www.bensound.com

C A M E R A : Apple iPhone7

Our Pet Giant African Snail

We made a time lapse video while our pet snail was eating in the evening.

One of his favorite is Cucumber.

Giant African Snail – Eating Time lapse
We have been keeping a Giant African Snail as our pet. It’s name is ‘Johnny’. Johnny usually sleeps til 9pm and wakes up to eat. This is a time lapse of how much he eats at a single go. The whole video was about 1 hour and has been condensed to a 1.5minutes time lapse. Snails are on ‘vegetarian’ diet, one of his favorite is Cucumber. He gets a variety of vegetables ranging from lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini. We have to clean his terrarium once a week, changing his soiled habitat surrounded with 2 heat-mats to maintain an internal temperature of 25°C. It is important to note that snails need a humid and moist environment. For that either you can spray water from time to time (within the terrarium) to keep the moisture in its atmosphere. Or you can get an automatic pre-programmed Spray Pump that regularly ‘moisturises’ the enclosure within terrarium. For the development of its shell, you will also need to place a piece of calcium for it to consume. Watch a Snail pet CARE tips video here:

Achatina fulica is a species of large land snail that belongs in the family Achatinidae. It is also known as the African giant snail or giant African snail or giant African land snail. It shares the common name “giant African snail” with other species of snails such as Achatina achatina and Archachatina marginata.

Kingdom: Animalia

Family: Achatinidae

Class: Gastropoda

Scientific name: Achatina fulica

Phylum: Mollusca Music: Bensound.com

How to Prepare a 24h Camping Trip with a Young Child: Camping Gear & Essentials 2019

Camping Gears and Essentials for 24h Camping 2019: Iprotec PRO2400LIGHT 2400 Lumen Tactical Flash

One of the most important is the Torchlight. We bought the Iprotec PRO2400LIGHT 2400 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Camping in Estonia

While shopping for this item, we encountered an emergency evacuation at Ulemiste, one of the largest shopping malls in Tallinn Estonia!


The PRO2400LIGHT offers 2,400 lumens of high intensity light. Throwing a spectacularly bright beam over 346 meters. The PRO2400LIGHT is dust-proof, waterproof and ready for any weather condition. This light is packed with features including a 4x zoom, soft-touch button and 5 light modes (high, medium, low, defensive strobe & beacon). (Price: 49 EUR)
Part Number 89544
Item Weight 630 g
Product Dimensions 24.1 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Batteries: 9 AA batteries required. (included)
Item model number 89544
Colour Black
Material Aluminum
Power Source Battery-Powered
Item Package Quantity 1
Type of Bulb LED
Luminous Flux 2400 lumen
Included Components Batteries
Batteries included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline
Battery description battery_type_aa
Average Battery Life 3 hours
Battery Capacity 1.50 volts

If you are planning a family camping trip for the school holiday, here are some tips that will ensure your trip is both a kid-friendly and safe to make it a fun experience for everyone.

1.Pre-camping preparation
If you have small children, you may want to select a tent that will accommodate all if you comfortably. We bought a 4-men tent, there are only three of us: 2 adults and one 7-year old.

We also prep ourselves by getting some ideas on how to prepare for camping with kid/s.

2. Selecting a kid-friendly campsite
We are not so ready for a 100% forestry camping style yet. Depending upon whether you decide to “rough it” or choose a campsite that is close to amenities, you can find many kid-friendly camp sites in Estonia with reviews that can give you comprehensive information of the sites. Reviews can help you decide not only what equipment, clothing, and food you need to take, but the available hiking, cycling areas and points of interest as well.

With children, ensure that the campsite you select is an official campsite area. Moreover, when researching camping sites it’s a good idea to look for those areas that are on the high ground. Thus, if it rains, your tent and equipment will not become water logged.

3. Make a checklist
This is very important to not forget important items before you go on your camping trip. Jot down the items for your checklist. Some of the more important items you will need are:

Cooking equipment such as frying pan, pots, bucket, stove, bags for food storage (I used a thermal lunchbox), and cooking utensils (one wooden spoon, one spatula). In addition, food containers and canned goods are best. It is also recommended that you prepare meals at home and package them in containers for the trip. Also bring water, and a cooler.

Bring suitable clothing depending on the camp site you’re going to. Wearing thin layered clothes is a better idea when the weather is hot. Pack a sweater or jacket for you to wear at night in case it gets cold. Extra socks and even a sunhat. If you intend to engage in some cycling activities, proper cycling gears are necessary.
I rented a bicycle at site for one day, so we transported only our child’s bicycle in the car. I bought also a bicycle lock, an air compressor just in case.

Other essential items such as sleeping bags, tents, first aid kit, flashlights, cell phone, garbage bags, toiletries, sunscreen, ointments, a map of the area, insect repellent, games for the kids, and a foldable air mattress (and air step air pump).

4. Choose a proper area to pitch tents
Always choose a flat are where there are no rocks or stumps where the tent will be pitched. The majority of the popular campgrounds will post a signs at every suitable sites for you to pitch your tents. There will also be good-to-know notice board regarding specific animals and vegetation in the surrounding area. Check out this video tutorial on how to pitch a tent!

Robens Firefly Stove (Price: 24.90 EUR)
Material: Coated stainless steel
Size: 9.5 x 9.5 cm (Dia.xH)
Output: 2600 W
Pack size: 7 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 84 g
Item number: 690069
Light and compact
Hard protective case included
Fits directly onto the gas cartridge
The cartridge serves as the stove’s base
Flip-out pot support

Bosch Multi-purpose Tool (12 Functions in 1)

  • Material: Plastic and Metal, Color: Green
  • Item Dimension: 21.1mm x 14mm x 5.1mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Knife, 1-Piece Saw, 1-Piece Can Opener, 1-Piece Small Slotted Screwdriver, 1-Piece Medium Slotted Screwdriver, 1-Piece Wire Stripper, 1-Piece Pliers, 1-Piece Wire Cutter, 1-Piece Large Slotted Screwdriver/Bottle Opener, 1-Piece Cross-Head, 1-Piece File and 1-Piece Blade (Serrated)
  • No Warranty
  • Handy and easy to carry anywhere
  • Handle that enables tireless working
  • Can be used to cut a wire, pvc, pipe, tighten door handles, cut insulation wires

Music: Bensound.com

Have you recently been planning a camping trip with your family? What are the most important items you would bring to a 24h camping trip? Hope you will share with us your comment below 🙂

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Language Immersion

Ever wanted to learn a language and realised that you need to be immersed in the country where that language is used to be able to learn the language?

My daughter have this problem for learning Chinese Mandarin, but not for English.

One reason is because while I was working on this ‘Learn by Doing!’ app, I was using the app so much that she picked it up (instinctly) to play with it. She was only 3 years old that time, but this app is designed for 5+. In any case, she was able to learn the beginner level, and one of the best feature of this immersion app is, that you can record your pronunciation, and also check your speaking skill!

Many people struggle to speak immediately because of shyness. This app is useful to allow you to practice listening to native speakers of the language (English, French and Spanish) as it is developed mainly for dual language learning classroom and school teachers.

Teachers mode helps teacher in managing the class at a glance. The graphics are great too. Best of all, you do not need the Internet to use it, just a once off download from the app store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/learn-by-doing-beginner/id1086273809

Website: http://www.interactandimmerse.com

My Crazy Dreams

A bit excited to show you my first time lapse video of this piece using my first water brush pen! Wonder if you like it? 

#aquarelle #watercoloring #waterbrushpen

Draw What You Think The People Are Looking At

Yesterday’s #365daysofdrawing prompt is: Draw What Do You Think The People Are Looking At?

So this is my drawing. When I made this, it was sunset in Estonia at about 10:30pm. To me it didn’t seemed like sleeping time, it was more like evening time. As the people in the drawing prompt were looking upwards, I could have drawn something like the stars, meteor showers or a large strange creature totally fiction. The fourth person in the brown shorts seemed to be making a frown, I was thinking he might be disagreeing with the first person (whose in sandals). The first imagination was an amazing sunset that she was pointing at. She’s possibly the elder child and they seemed to be a family. The original drawing prompt was of a woman in horizontal stripe skirt holding the hand of a smaller girl. This place seemed to be somewhere in the southeast asia like Malaysia or Indonesia (maybe) because parents here don’t normally hold the kids’ hands when they’re outside. Since their hair color is dark brown, the Dad’s hair is a little reddish, I think this family could be bilingual or even trilingual.

What do you think they’re saying?

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