Powerful – Body Memory [Keha mälu]

Keha mälu (Body Memory, 2011), film by Ülo Pikkov, music by Mirjam Tally. P: Kersti Ala-Murr (claves), Jaak Lutsoja (accordion), Tõnu Jõesaar (cello) + electronics. Synopsis: What can an old apple tree tell us? What mysteries are hidden in his roots, gnarled over time? Does he remember the serpent and the lost Paradise? Our body […]

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This is another great piece of art, timelapse of doodling by this artist ‘Vexx’, 20 years old, self-taught, Belgian, male.

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Taxi Driver Rip Off

Do NOT Take Taxis in Bucharest My girlfriend and I have been traveling all over the world for the last 6 months. We have taken taxis and public transportation almost everywhere you could think about. Last night in Bucharest was the first time we had money stolen from us by our taxi driver. First of […]

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Jobs That Will Disappear Due To AI

 Click to listen to podcast Now that we live in the year of 2018, we can already see around us how these jobs are going to disappear: drivers, farmers, printers, publishers, cashiers, travel agents, manufacturing workers, dispatchers, waiters, bartenders, bank tellers, military pilots and soldiers, fast food workers, telemarketer, accountants, tax preparers, stock traders, construction […]

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